Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some catch up

There are a number things I would like to post that are not up to the minute--not created today.  But it would be nice to have them here for the record.  So some of this will be catch up.

It is wonderful to have a deadline again.  I used the excuse of Bhakti's visit to do a lot of work in March and wove two pieces.  The most important piece is called "Pixilated Forest".  It is destined for a large space above my living room fireplace--a chimney stack that rises about 20'.  So the weaving needed to be large or at least long.  The finished piece is 28" wide and 84" long.  It is also woven in four color double twill.  The sett is 45 ends per inch, and the four weft colors are brown, blue, green and red orange.  I achieved the block effect by radically reducing the pixels in the design and then blowing the design up again to 1310 wide.  

Here is a detail where you can see the weave structures much better.  I like all the color blending you can achieve with a choice of four wefts, two warps and three twills.  It seems very pointillist to me.

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