Thursday, April 14, 2011

Now back to work

It has been a busy week.  We have hosted five Thai students, which has been fun, but it has cut into the weaving time.  On Tuesday I took them to Mt. Vernon which is beginning to flower. 

In between times I have been warping and tying on another black and white warp.  

Here it is on the warping reel.

And here It is being tied on.  I use an overhand knot to tie on.  I find it more secure and faster than a weaver's knot--although that may sound heretical.  With fine threads it is not difficult to ease through the heddles, and there is no more bulk on the beam. 

Today I met Bhakti and her sister to visit a trunk show at the Harmon Center in DC and for a delicious dim sum in Chinatown.  

So now it is time to get back to tying the rest of the warp on.  This is one of those tedious parts of weaving that I cannot say I especially enjoy.  But it must be done.

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