Sunday, April 17, 2011


I should never be a gambler.  After fussing with various small mistakes in my warp I started to weave on Rock Creek 2 yesterday.  The four shuttles rotate in a particular order, and I knew the order.  I just did not know--and for some reason couldn't figure out--which one to start with.  So trial and error took over.  I had a 1 to 3 chance of getting it right the first time.  Wrong.  So there was a 1 to 2 chance in the second try.  No.  By the third try my odds were even.  But even there I was wrong.  So that left only one alternative, starting on the blue shuttle.  So I am glad I am not a gambler.  It could get expensive really fast.  You can see my trials at the beginning of the weaving above the orange hem.

I think I am getting a bit more definition in the design this time, but we will have to wait and see when it is off the loom.


  1. Looks like more definition to me. It will be really rewarding to weave this over and over again with alteration of the colors each time, if you have the patience. Some spark is bound to ignite.

  2. One thing I have learned (the hard way) is to make a spreadsheet. Every time I complete a design, I enter it in the spreadsheet, carefully noting the order of the colors I used as [weft a/weft b/weft c/etc) so that when I sit down to weave, I have a degree of confidence (and less gambling) when selecting the shuttles for the first round of picks. Then I keep a copy of the spreadsheet on the computer in the study where I do my designing and on the computer by the loom (the other end of the house).

  3. Actually, the problem wasn't record keeping this time. Sometimes it is and I am trying to be better at that. The spreadsheet suggestion is a good one. The problem this time is that when you add patterns (weave structures) to the design Photoshop puts them in from the top left. Then I add hems at either end which confuses things even more. I should have been able to dissect the weave structure to see which two wefts in the lower right corner made the green/brown I was expecting, but somehow I just didn't get it. Brain freeze or whatever. I felt a little like that character in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (the Tom Stoppard play) who just keeps getting tails.