Sunday, April 10, 2011

Experiments in four color double weave

This summer after taking a very stimulating seminar at Complex Weavers in Albuquerque with Alice Schlein, I came home determined to try four color double weave.   So I got out my Woven Pixel by Alice and Bhakti Ziek and got to work on samples.  Here are the three attempts I made with images of iris.  The warp is end and end black and white in 20/2 sett at 60 epi.

Here is the first Iris in four color double weave.  The warp was 880 ends wide.  I reduced the file to 440 because of the double weave structure. The four colors are burgundy, green, orange and light yellow.  The yellow areas cast decidedly green, and I lost a lot of definition from the photo.  The weft is rayon embroidery thread.  It gives a nice shine.
The second attempt was more effective although the design was not any more defined. But I like the effect. This one had green, orange, blue and beige wefts.  The file was reduced to about 110 pixels wide, simplified and then enlarged to 880.  This produced the pixilated appearance that you see here.  I rather like it.
Here is the third attempt.  The four weft colors were red, violet, blue and green.  It makes a very dark composition.  I also used 4 to 1 as the aspect ratio.  As it turned out that was twice as many picks as I should have used.  But the elongated vertical pixels are rather interesting.  But at 162 picks per inch, I don't think I will weave much yardage like this.

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