Thursday, May 12, 2011

Version 3 at last

Rock Creek, version 3 is done at last; it is even backed and finished.  The photo does not have completely consistent lighting, but I think you can get the idea.  I am much happier with this iteration.  I radically simplified the file to create larger planes of color, which I think work better for this sort of construction.  The small details tend to get lost in the structures.  The full name will be "Rock Creek, November--woven and rewoven".  
This time one can see the leaves and branches, and the picture in the center of the creek stands out from the image framing it, but it still has a bit of mystery to it. It also has more red oranges that I liked in the first trial, and they are appropriate for November.  I think I learned a lot about working with the file in Photoshop by doing the three versions, although I would rather not weave pieces three times to get them right.  The Photoshop designing phase is almost like painting--slow, deliberate, and demanding of a lot of concentration.  I am working at the pixel level, so it is necessarily very time consuming.  

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  1. Oh, would I just love to see this one up close and in person! I'm really enjoying the process you're using for designing.