Thursday, May 5, 2011

Small detail that seem to matter

I am underway with the third iteration of the Rock Creek piece, and I noticed something.  One of my Swedish shuttles was often nose-diving--going under ends in the lower shed. Aside from being annoying, it leads to mistakes in the cloth.  After some thought I switched the shuttle I was using (seen below at top) for the lighter model below it. It made a lot of difference.  Curious about the shuttles' respective weights, I took them to the grocery store and weighed them empty.  The top one is 5 oz. and the bottom one is 3 oz. Not much of a difference except in percentage terms, but it seems to have made all the difference in terms of smooth weaving.
The other detail I noticed was in the beat of number one Rock Creek weaving and number two weaving.  The second was almost 10% longer than the original.  I don't think that the looser beat enhances the design, so this time I am trying to beat harder.  I am also putting more tension on the warp and moving it forward more often.  Vibeke always tells me that I forget to do this often enough; I hope she is now pleased.  And it has helped to make the design clearer to keep the beat more vigorous and the tension higher.

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  1. The choice of shuttle can make all the difference! I used to use my Swedish shuttles (identical to your 5-oz version) but now I'm addicted to the Schacht and Bluster Bay end-delivery shuttles. I've found that my weaving goes faster if I don't have to fuss with the weft at the selvedges, which I always did with the Swedish shuttles. But to each her own - if they work happily for you, they're the "right" shuttles. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the Rock Creek piece, v3.